Casino Carpet 2

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Casino Carpet 2
'91 Lottery Pick
She Just Wanna



Myke Bogan - "Quarterdeck" (Official music video)
Myke Bogan - "Backwoods" (Official music video)
Myke Bogan - "Jolly / No Peace" (Official Music Video)
Myke Bogan: live in Portland, OR
Myke Bogan: live in Boise, ID
Myke Bogan - "Leapfrog" Live Session


For Portland/ LA artist Myke Bogan, music is a journal—a place to work out life’s hard times, reflect on the moment, and conquer the present. Joe Fontana is Bogan’s most recent project to date. Tackling a range of emotions, Fontana plays like a snapshot of the artist’s mind, leading the listener on a path of retrospection, introspection, and self-actualization. In 2019 Myke will release his follow up album, "Cult Beauty."